Make your E-Learning Precise, and Concise, as well as Entice.

We design and provide e-learning solutions with your best interest in mind. We take into consideration your business objectives, culture, and capabilities when developing an e-learning solution. Our vast experience in e-learning enabled us to develop a tried and tested design process that ensures that you get the best-possible e-learning for your organization.

Whether you need a simple e-learning or a more complex solution, you are confident that your e-learning will speak your language, share your values, and in the process promote your brand.

  • Bespoke or Customized E-Learning Services Open or Close

    While various learning tools offer the promise of allowing you to immediately create an e-learning solution, we provide you with the design thinking behind how a learning product is conceived. We thoughtfully integrate your business objectives, branding, culture, and capabilities into the e-learning solutions that we create for you using our diverse experience in the e-learning industry. Beyond the capabilities of a rapid development tool, we design interactive activities according to your training content, your audience, technological infrastructure, and budget. Our learning solution uses interactivity to drive engagement, and measure knowledge retention. In the end, you will have full ownership of any e-learning solution our collaboration will produce.

  • Instructor-Led Training Open or Close

    Whether you are training employees, managers, or HR personnel we have the training solution specific for you. We make sure that everyone in your organization will be covered and we will work with you to determine the best possible learning solution with your needs, time frame and budget in mind.

    • Quick Reference Guide. We develop Quick Reference Guides that have been proven to reinforce key concepts and help students learn faster. These Quick Reference Guides also allow you to distribute content to occasional users. Highly editable and easy to understand, we deliver these to you so you can update and refine when needed.
  • Rapid E-learning Solutions Open or Close

    We understand that your time is valuable and there is a need to get e-learning done in the fastest way possible. We adjust to your organization’s required learning pace so you don’t have to compromise your business needs to deliver effective e-learning. We collaborate with you with an agreed upon authoring tool so you can launch your organization’s e-learning platform and also enable you to eventually maintain and customize your content as you deem needed.

    • Authoring Tools. We work well and are experts with various e-learning authoring tools like Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate and more. If you don’t have a preference in mind, we will help you with selecting the most-suitable e-learning tool for your organization.
    • Repurposing of E-learning. Outdated e-learning materials may be repurposed and updated to make them relevant today. We can update your legacy e-learning courseware, migrate old content into a new LMS, and re-launch these for mobile viewing.
  • Consultation Open or Close
    • One-on-one Consultations. Not sure how to start? No worries. We can sit down with you to discuss how we can arrive at the best possible training solution for your organization.
    • E-learning Workshops. We can facilitate a custom workshop for your organization using a methodology that fast tracks the requirements gathering process between subject matter experts and the e-learning development team. The requirements gathering stage typically lasts for months. However with the workshop, our team can collaborate with you to create storyboards that will per-visualize the e-learning courses you wish to produce within two to three days. We will walk you through the e-learning road map and facilitate in-depth discussions about your business needs, training requirements, audience, and technical infrastructure. During the workshop, our team of e-learning specialists will come up with recommendations, corrective measures and remedial interventions to effectively deliver your training content.
  • Digital Marketing Content Open or Close
    • Knowledge Videos / Explainer Videos. Videos are a great way to engage your audience to ensure that your visual content will be appreciated and digested. Explainer videos are highly economical and entertaining and can translate even the most complex of topics into a highly understandable format. These can be accessed by your audience anytime, anywhere with the power of modern digital communication.